Are you a RenGen?  Described by author Patricia Martin, these individuals are idealistic and want to change the world.  This RENaissance GENeration crosses over all ages, composed at one end by older "baby boomers" and at the other end by the youth of our nation.  RenGen's cut through race stereotypes, socioeconomic dividers, and promote inclusivity of all peoples.

We are eco-conscious and listen to nature.  We accept flaws in our work just as nature herself is authentic in flaws.  We want to experience different roles and judge for ourselves what is truth and what is to be trusted.  We will be part of the creative force of the next Cultural Revolution.   We want to make a difference and will not be told that we can't be a business person and, at the same time, an artist or poet or playwright or actor.

Are you a RenGen?  Then please join our volunteer team and help us make The Center of the World Festival an event which all mountain communities will be proud to embrace as an identity of our area.


The Center of the World Festival is a Voting Membership-run nonprofit. Voting Members have certain benefits, as defined in the Bylaws and by the Membership itself. These benefits will be explained at the Voting Membership Orientation.



An Event for All Community Participation. We Need You!

Writers -- Write a 10-Minute Play
Directors/Actors -- Pick a Play & Perform It
Community Sponsors -- For Festival Promotion

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Volunteer Awards

Center Of The World Festival, Inc. is an Official Certifying Organization for U.S. President's Volunteer Service Award, with certificate signed by President Obama.

Individual Award

The U.S. President defines an individual by age for this award.

Family Award

A Family is any self-designated group of two or more individuals who considers themselves a family.

Group Award

A group is any association of two or more individuals.

Award Information

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Volunteer Board of Officers & Directors

Robert (Bob) Clark, Board Member

Jay Nichols, Board Member

Antony (Tony) Clark, President

Tyler Clark, Vice-President

Shelia Clark, Ph.D., Treasurer

Linda Clark, Secretary

Margo Clark, Assistant Secretary


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