We are a Communitas Theater  —  a Social Theater transforming minds and hearts through storytelling, play performances, and song. All ages are welcome to this celebration of the creativity of the amateur.

Our mission is to develop an interdependent, consensual, and ecologically sensitive community.
 We create an art-based civic dialogue through the power of Communitas Theater, which invites all residents to participate in the creativity of the arts.
 With a focus on cultural tourism, we invite other communities to come and share this experience in story-telling social theater.

Inspiring Community pARTicipation: We PLAY and TELL stories to preserve the past, teach the future and CREATE a community united by IMAGINATION-the real alternative energy! Give to the arts which make a gathering place in your own backyard. An Equal Opportunity Expression Nonprofit  — Center of the World Festival  — where ordinary people create the extraordinary. Join us!


Center of the World Festival is a 501(c)(3) arts & culture Nonprofit organization. 

For Copies of Bylaws and Other Organizational Legal Documents, go to the California Office of the Attorney General:


Type in "Center of the World Festival" in the "Organization Name" block,

and click "Search" at bottom of the Registry Verification Search.

Click on "Center of the World Festival" Charity Registration block.

Scroll to the bottom of the financial data, to the "Related Documents" block.

There you can download the legal documents you want.




Click above GuideStar Icon to Read our IRS Profile Report and obtain all tax information of 501(c)(3) status (taxpayer ID, etc.). 

You may also donate via the GuideStar website through their donation organization.

Volunteer Board of Board Directors & Officers

Robert (Bob) Clark, Board Member

Jay C. Nichols, Board Member

Shelia Clark, Board Member

Jay C. Nichols, President

Shelia Clark, Ph.D., Secretary/Treasurer


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