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We invite you to join us on this storytelling journey.  Below is the link to an article to help you in developing a fictional historical character study, play, or song.

Click Here for article on how to create a fictional historical character.

What is the "local area" covered in these historical stories?  Here are geographical maps.

This first map is to show you "where we are" in the state of California.  Tejon Ranch is the largest landholder in California and plays a major role in the history of our area.  

Here is the close up map of Tejon Ranch, to give you a idea of our location in regards to other areas in Southern California.  Please note its location on the east of Freeway 5 and north of Highway 138, which you will see on the next map.  Note "Windwolves Preserve" which is on the northwest side of our area. Pyramid Dam is "under" the I-5 logo.

Here are the communities in our Mountain area which is focus of the historical fiction videography "The Coming of Aspalt."  The red "A" is location of the Tejon Pass, the subject of the "Freeway" section.  Tejon Ranch is to the west of I-5 and north of 138.  Windwolves Preserve is north of Pine Mountain Club and is the location of the historical El Camino Viejo route.  The water mass to the south is Pyramid Dam area.  The green area is the Los Padres National Forest.

Additional Resources which define/explain historical fiction:

Here are links which give you more general history about California. 

And here are links to help you in developing an environmental humanities focus to your artistic creation.

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